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Recordings and Soundbites

Our newest recording...

A Piece of the Universe


This is our latest recording!  To our usual array of folk instruments--the guitar, banjo, autoharp, flute, and drum--we add lots of harp and ukulele.  We also have more vocals featuring the lovely voice of Brenda Hull.  Many of our favorite songs are here including a "Gathering of Spirits" by Carrie Newcomer, "The Great Divide" by Kate Wolf, and a medley of "Carolina Moon" and the "Tennessee Waltz" arranged by Jennifer Cordier.  Jennifer also created the Zentangle cover art for the CD.  "Can you imagine a piece of the universe more fit for princes and kings," Allister MacGillivray writes in "Song for the Mira," and that is exactly what we hope these songs will do for you.

"Song for the Mira" (sample)

"A Gathering of Spirits" (sample)

A heartfelt thanks to Laurie Cannon of Wings'n a Prayer Productions in Cleveland Georgia who not only recorded our last four CD's, but whose musical talent, great ear, wizardry with all things technical, and great good cheer, allowed us to produce recordings that not only sound like us, but capture the genial spirit of the group as well.

Earlier recordings...

Grass of Parnassus


Grass of Parnassus was our gift to the natural world around us.  Some of the songs recorded here are light-hearted and playful, some serious, but all are about nature in one way or another, and the group dedicated the proceeds from the CD to organizations directly involved in the protection of the environment.  We hope you enjoy the CD and hear a little of the earth's "simple, clear, and self-sufficient song" in it as well.  The CD includes an original song by Steve called "Make Up a Night" inspired by the practice sessions of the group and a lovely instrumental by John Simpson entitled "Grass of Parnassus.  It also has a variety of folk favorites:  "Brandy Stream," "Four Strong Winds," "Dimming of the Day," "and "These are My Mountains."  The CD cover is an original pastel by local artist, Zoe Schumaker. 

"Grass of Parnassus" (sample)

"Brandy Stream" (sample)

Down My Garden Row


Down My Garden Row. This has all of the ingredients listeners have come to expect from the Butternuts: strong voices, rich and intricate harmonies , winning original numbers, and a lively mix of tunes from various folk traditions in fresh arrangements.

The CD covers a wide range of styles. It includes traditional folk songs such as “Cruel War” and “Jim Crack Corn” as well as guitar blues numbers like “Freight Train” and “Railroad Bill.” The group shows off its instrumental skills in crackling versions of “Seneca Square Dance” and “Cock o’ the North” and includes three original tunes—“Flies in August,” “It’s Startin’ to Clear Up,” and “Down My Garden Row”—by John Simpson, the group’s songwriter, showing the wide range of his talents. Some songs, like “Prayer” and the haunting “Back Bay” are somber, with fluid, intuitive, and meditative harmonies that are the trademark of Butternut Creek and Friends. Others, such as “Sister Kate,” “Jenny,” “Friend for Life,” and their outrageous rendition of “Rusty Old American Dream” are lively and joyous, capturing for listeners of the CD the fun that this group generates in live performances.


"Prayer" (Sample)


""The Garden Song"  (Sample)

A Time for Peace


With A Time for Peace, Butternut Creek and Friends grew, expanding from the four original members with the addition of their friends, John and Laurie Simpson and Anne Martin. Anne sang and contributed dulcimer and autoharp on several tracks. Laurie sang and played clarinet, authoharp, and concertina. John sang, played guitar, and composed several numbers on the cd including the title song, "A Thought of Peace," a lovely peace song based on a line from the writings of Abdu'l-Baha: "If a thought of war comes, oppose it by a stronger thought of peace."

"AThought of Peace" (Sample)

Morning All Day Long


Morning All Day Long features some of the most requested songs at the group's concerts, including "Bristlecone Pine," "My Bonnie," and "Sentimental Journey." It also includes "Morning All Day Long," based on a poem by the Georgia mountain poet, Byron Herbert Reece, which Steve set to music.

"Morning All Day Long" (Sample)

Wind in the Appalachians


Our second recording is a cassette and no longer available.  It contains many of our favorites such as  "River," "Redbird Wing," and "Jailhouse Blues."  It also has an original song by Steve named "Wind in the Appalachians."  To hear these songs you will have to catch one of our concerts.

Butternut Creek and Friends


Our first recording is a cassette and, sadly, unavailable.  The cover art was done by the artist Dale Cochran.  With its symbols of peace, the artwork captures the spirit of the group.  Of course a river runs through it!

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