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Dale Cochran

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Current write-up for news release:


Butternut Creek and Friends


Butternut Creek and Friends is a folk band that plays old-time mountain music, Celtic and English folk songs, contemporary folk tunes, standards, and blues.  The core group has been together for more than 30 years and has a loyal following in the north Georgia area that eagerly looks forward to each performance.  Jennifer Cordier from Ivy Log sings lead vocals and plays harp, guitar, and autoharp.  Her husband Don performs on flute and various percussion instruments.  Brenda Hull, a tarheel born in Tennessee and newest addition to the group, shares in singing leads and plays guitar, and Steve Harvey, who lives in Blairsville, sings and plays guitar, banjo, and ukulele. Butternut Creek and Friends gives the proceeds from concerts and recordings to charitable causes and community and environmental groups, most in the local area.  It has seven recordings to its credit including the latest, A Piece of the Universe.

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